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After helping some of the top online entrepreneurs sell millions through effective video, I’m sharing my step-by-step formula to creating profitable videos that generate more visibility, leads, and sales in your business.

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Warning: If You Are Going To Invest Your Time In This Program, Be Prepared For A Level-Up In Visibility & Sold Out Launches! 

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What The Top Experts Are Doing To Create A Massively Unfair Advantage

You already know that video is the number one way today’s top online experts create engaged audiences and serious money in their businesses by generating visibility, authority, and positioning as the go-to expert. 

The only problem is? How do you talk about your offers so that it practically sells itself? 

And listen — I hear you! I can’t tell you how many business owners I talk to who tell me they… 

  • Don’t know what to say in their videos and wonder who the heck wants to listen, anyways 
  • Freeze up whenever they hit the record button
  • Struggle to get any kind of traction from their content and get little to no engagement online
  • Hate the way they look and sound on camera
  • Lack the marketing strategy to actually get you paid customers

And BIGGEST of HAVE a great product, but no one even knows you really exist.

Sound familiar? 

But here’s the truth— 

After working behind the camera on some of the top launches in the online expert space, I’ve seen what the power of effective video can do (and how not using video can keep your business stuck and stagnant). 


Effective videos have helped my clients generate millions of dollars in revenue — and has not just generated more income in my business, but also given me the freedom to work with who I want, when I want. 

But using video to grow your business is about so much more than just looking good on camera or knowing which mic to use. 

It’s about having an actual strategy that nails down what videos you need, when you need them, and where to share them to create a journey that brings your audience from not knowing who you are to totally ready to invest with you.

This crash-course is your missing piece 

"This was the precise course that I needed. This was the missing piece. I've tried to learn on YouTube, but it was a big scramble. Everything from, here are the different phases, here's when, here's how. This was super gold! I feel like I can finally do what I want to do."

- Adriane

What if you could not only look and feel great on video… but you could actually get results, too?

That’s the video marketing trifecta, y’all. 


In order to create videos that actually work for your business, you not only need the confidence and courage to get in front of the camera — you need to learn how to create videos that put money in your pocket. 


Which means you need to know what goes into a successful video, which videos to create and when to release them, how to script out your videos with magnetic messaging, and how to actually create the videos so they don’t look like you actually made them. 


So how do you do that? 

With all of the ins and outs of video — The lighting! The tech! The editing! Oh my! — how do you put it all together into a video launch system that actually works


I’m so glad you asked! 


After working with some of the top online experts in the industry, like James Wedmore, Kate Northrup, Katin Reinhardt, Kat Graham, Lisa Holt, and more, I’ve packaged my 10+ years of experience in helping my clients create massive audience growth, engagement, and sales into a step-by-step blueprint to help YOU create a profitable audience with Instagram® Video. 


… Even if you have ZERO experience creating videos!


The proven step-by-step Video Marketing System to selling out your products and services with High-Converting Video Content

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Hear what others had to say about this complete system!

I finally have the foundation in what to do.

“I finally have the foundation in what to do in creating these videos. The tools that Michael gave in his course really helped me to structure my videos, structure my scripts and gave me the tools I need to edit and film properly.”


I've taken a lot of courses from a lot of people.

"I thought it was excellent. This was one of the missing pieces. I've taken a lot of courses from a lot of people and in this day and age, unless your videos are of acceptable quality and above, all the rest of it doesn't matter. This was incredibly valuable. I can't thank you enough."

- Marilyn

Video Boost is officially OPEN for Enrollment!

Just 4 Installments of


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Here’s How it Breaks Down:

The Video Conversion Formula: 3 Transformational Phases that give you my complete guide to creating profitable videos ($1997 VALUE)

Phase 1:

Define Your Brand Messaging


Get crystal clear on exactly who you are talking to and how to communicate it with ease.

⚡️ You'll know with confidence exactly how to speak to your audience in a way that resonates and gets people to buy
⚡️ You'll learn the essential ingredients to crafting every single video
⚡️ How to quickly cut through the noise and get your audience to ask "are you reading my mind?" 
⚡️ Nail your messaging so you can confidently know that every time you speak, it's going to book you new clients

Phase 2:

Craft Your Video Outlines


Build Your Irresistible Video Outlines that Sells Your Offers

⚡️ Master the different types of videos like Client Attraction Videos, Promotional Videos, Lead Generation Videos , Sales Videos, Audience Building Videos, Video Ads + so many more!
⚡️ Takes the guesswork out of selling your offer with proven outlines

⚡️ You'll know exactly which kinds of videos to create and share to turn looky-loos into paying customers
⚡️ Know exactly what to say and how to say it so that your offers sell themselves, overcome their objections, and get them off the fence and buy your stuff.

Phase 3:

Batch For Conversions


Maximize profitability by focusing on sales generating video content


⚡️ Have an influential video content strategy to fill up your next launch with premium clients
⚡️ A proven system that consistently brings in new clients every month

⚡️ Have a predictable calendar of client generating content for your launch or evergreen program.
⚡️ The secret to getting more time back and a flood a new clients with repurposed content that is doing all of the selling for you.

Monthly Coaching Calls ($2997 VALUE)


  • This isn’t a DIY course where you’re left to figure things out all by yourself.
  • You get to use these monthly zoom calls every month, so you can attract the right clients with video using the Video Conversion Formula and keep growing.
  •  These calls are perfect for workshop your messaging, break through any tech hurdles, mapping out your content each month.

Exclusive Access to Our Private Video Boost Facebook Group For Connection and Support ($497 VALUE)

Welcome to a space for driven entrepreneurs just like you. This group is for you to ask any and all questions that keep you up at night and to get the answer & support you need as we cheer on your success.

Here's $2,088 in additional gifts/bonuses for you

110+ Magnetic Video Topics ($497 Value)


No more wondering what videos to create. If you want videos to grab attention, nurture your audience and convert your viewers into sales of your online course or program...I give you the exact video topic ideas that do exactly that.

Cam Confidence 

($497 Value)

Knock away your nerves and increase your charisma on videos. With these simple, but powerful video training exercises, you’ll have the confidence you need to press record and get your message out!

Level Up Your Videos ($997 Value)


Film Videos Like A Pro - Create perfect lighting, where to put the camera, setting up your space, clear audio, & more! You'll finally have blockbuster videos without having to hire a videographer!

Editing Magic - Shows you step-by-step not only how to edit videos quickly, but what to include for maximum engagement.

+ Video From Scratch (Fast Action Bonus) ($97 Value)


Shadow me as I reveal Step-By-Step EXACTLY how to create a video from your phone, from beginning to end, in just 10 minutes!edit videos quickly, but what to include for maximum engagement.

Imagine what's possible for you when you enroll


If you don't see results, I'll rush your money back!

Video Boost  is 100% Risk-Free!

Email support ([email protected]) at ANYTIME within 30 days, show us you implemented our material, and I'll be happy to offer you your refund!

Here's the best part:

If you think there's even a 'slight chance' that Video Boost will work for you, you should get your hands on this system today! That way, you can test the material...and decide for yourself over the next 30 days.

*Disclosure: I do this because nothing works UNLESS you use it!

No more wondering 'What if?'

There is no risk! The only risk is passing this up and THEN wondering 'What if?'

I will not let you have bad quality videos!

Video Boost is officially OPEN for Enrollment!

Just 4 Installments of


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Enroll Today

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So let’s recap!

When you join Video Boost, you’ll learn from my Video Marketing System


- Plus you’ll get my proven scripts, checklists and launch maps

- And not to mention all my video and headline swipes to shortcut your creation process

- Plus you’re getting killer bonuses to help you gain confidence, grab attention and get you started as soon as possible

- And you get access to a supportive community of driven entrepreneurs all gaining more visibility online.

Here is what professional videographers won’t tell you about creating videos.


It’s actually easy! They won’t tell you that...otherwise they’d be out of a gig.

As much as they make it seem like video is a work of art. It’s actually not. Videographers are just really good at following a process. A process that anyone, like you, can really follow. 

So, in reality, you’re actually paying for someone else to follow a process. And as you may know, videos don’t come cheap.

As a professional videographer, a standard day rate starts at $1,500+/day and we’re only talking just to film. Factor in editing, revisions, music licensing, insurance, animations/motion graphics...and that invoice will start to pile up. And if that videographer doesn’t have a marketing background, well then you’re really only paying for pretty videos. 

And I don’t need to tell you that ‘pretty videos’ do NOT equal to more income. You’re just left paying a ‘pretty penny’ instead. 

What if you could have the same process that all professional videographers follow, give a proven strategy that converts like crazy, and instead you keep that extra money in your pocket, every single month? 


That’s exactly what Video Boost is!

Video Boost is officially OPEN for Enrollment!

Just 4 Installments of


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Enroll Today

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Let’s take a look at your choices!

You can pay a video crew to do this for you. That will end up costing you thousands each month

Try to figure it out yourself and waste unproductive time and money trying to piece together videos that you never end up happy with.

Or grab Video Boost today so you can confidently create videos that sell out your products or services!

Questions My Previous Students Had Before Joining Video Boost:

Your voice matters and YOU deserve this!

You don’t need a fancy set up to share your message. If you’re a heart-centered entrepreneur, one of the highest forms of serving is by sharing your message, especially with video. Through the fear, through the trials and mistakes. All it takes is YOU having the right message at the right time to cause a ripple effect of transformation in your community.

The world doesn’t know me, yet I’m able to have an impact with the hundreds of people who do. And so can you. 

This program will be completely transformative for your business and life.

I can’t wait to meet you and cheer you on inside Video Boost,



Video Boost is officially OPEN for Enrollment!

Just 4 Installments of


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