Video is not the future...It is NOW

The rate at which your business grows rests on how much more visible you become. If your videos aren't bringing you premium clients or sales for your courses on autopilot, you might be doing it ALL wrong.


Let me guess...

  1. You KNOW you should be using videos, but you have no idea if you're going about it the right way because you fear that you're going to spend all this time on them, and no one is going to watch them.

  2. You feel like it takes SOOO long to get a new follower, build know, like & trust, and get them to buy and you're thinking, "gosh, there's got to be a better way!"

  3. Or perhaps, you have a great offer, yet you can't seem to get your videos to ACTUALLY make you any money

Here's the truth:

People aren't buying from coaches who have the best offer on the internet, but from those whom they feel the most connected with.

And video is the fastest way to build instant connection & credibility while qualifying "ready-to-buy" leads for your programs.

The problem is...

The How-To content that most marketing coaches insist you MUST do, isn't really getting anyone excited about YOU, let alone your offer.

And you've most likely spent some serious brain calories putting together your content, landing page, captions, & sales page, yet you're still getting poor conversion rates.


Joey Alt

"I’ve gotten so much value! Implementing even ½ of what we covered and being able to articulate my value landed me not only a 10k client (that I was able to capture UPFRONT) but I also got a $2,500 monthly contract from the same client!!!"

When done right, VIDEOS can be your #1 employee!


This is what it would look like to LEVEL UP your videos and business

Unclear on how to structure your content so people will actually watch to...

Clarity on how how to get maximum engagement & profitability from each video

Struggling to figure out what you should be saying to...

Confident that every word you say is walking people right into your offers.

Taking 6-8 hours just to get a single video created to...

Having 8 profitable videos recorded and edited in just one day

Amateur looking videos that you're embarrassed to publish to...

Professional looking videos that reflects the quality you're proud to show off

Unconfident & awkward on camera to...

Selling authentically with a side-of-ease, hold the sleaze.

Ready to Roll?
You need this VIP Day!

Introducing Visible Visionary

A 5-Hr Virtual VIP Day

A breakthrough intensive to help you put videos into your business that automates all of the selling for you so you can start doubling the conversion rates of every stage of your funnel.

This VIP Day is tailored to your specific sales process for the most effective results.


Here is how your VIP Day with me will look like after you apply...

We will completely transform how you approach your content and start increasing sales conversion rates with strategically placed videos.

Nail Your Unique Messaging

  • Know what your audience want and needs so they will be compelled to want to work with you
  • Gain clarity around how to structure your videos so you're never wondering what to say next
  • Know that your words are connecting with your audience in a way that leaves a real impact and positions you as the the one that can help them

Map Out Your Content Strategy

  • Get 3 months of video content topics created that primes your viewers to be your ideal clients

  • Deploy strategic videos that prequalifies ready-to-buy leads by the time they see your offer

Boost Your Sales Conversion Rates

  • Get your key crucial scripts outlined & ready to record that increases the conversion rate of your sales.

  • Have your Landing Page Video, Brand Video, Testimonial Video, & Video Ad completely scripted that are proven to influence people's buying behavior

Level Up Your Videos

  • Create your home/office video set-up so that you look & sound great every single time you press record

  • Know with confidence how to create your own professional looking videos with a flick of a button, whether you're recording on your phone or a professional DSLR camera.

Plus you'll be getting...

· 1 Week of Voxer Support   · Lifetime Replay Access